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Video: Hemp – The Miracle Plant

  It’s a good time to get yourself a cuppa, relax and watch our video recently broadcast from Hellen’s Garden Festival where we were invited to talk about the Miraculous Agricultural Hemp Plant. Click each image below to view each video (The longest is almost 15 minutes and the shortest is around 5 minutes.)

World Environment Day – Heal & Renew All Soil With Hemp

Industrial Hemp is a leading crop in the relatively new field [haha] of Bio-remediation – the natural process of using living things to heal the soil. ‘Field of Dreams’ or New Reality?“HEMP PROVIDES HOPE FOR RECLAIMING THE EARTH FROM POLLUTION” Ministry of Hemp Real World, Successful, Scientific, Evidence-Based Soil Healing Not only can you use …

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Simple CBD Dosage

First thing to always be aware of is this: Are you taking any medication that interacts with Grapefruit? If you don’t know, please seek advice from your qualified medical practitioner because CBD may interact in the same way as grapefruit with certain medications. This is a great rule-of-thumb to work by. Please read the instructions …

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