CBD Oil Sensible Precautions

Doing Your Own CBD Research Is Crucial

Doing your own due diligence through intelligent and patient research - which is easy enough on the internet [look for scholarly articles and trusted sources] - is absolutely crucial.

If you're taking CBD oil to support your own wellbeing or for any other reason, it is in your very best interests to research and inform yourself as fully as possible by selecting a variety of trusted sources.

There are many misleading (and potentially dangerous) claims made about CBD by sources that may appear credible, and some of which may be using either outdated or inaccurate information.

Whilst we at Be Calmer CBD+ are doing our very best to remain updated, you will notice there are tons of resources and places where you can inform yourself. One source is never enough. A reasonable rule of thumb may be to select 3 or more sources and compare the information, looking for citations, peer reviewed papers and the personal experiences of people who have perhaps been on a similar CBD journey to the one you're considering.

Consult with your qualified and informed Medical Practitioner. If they are not informed to your satisfaction, seek out a Medical Practitioner who is informed and competent in their understanding of CBD usage .

We have read misleading information from a multitude of angles: from those who are hyping CBD and those who are demonising it.

So remain vigilant and do your due diligence. You owe this to yourself and we completely support you in this process.

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