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First thing to always be aware of is this: Are you taking any medication that interacts with Grapefruit? If you don't know, please seek advice from your qualified medical practitioner because CBD may interact in the same way as grapefruit with certain medications. This is a great rule-of-thumb to work by.

Please read the instructions carefully before using the CBD Dosage Calculator.


Dosage Calculator

"How Much Should I Take?"       

It's easy to be confused by multiple measurements of milligrams, millilitres, percentage strength and all of the varying combinations we see in the CBD Oil arena.

How can we possibly simplify things so that we've got a better idea of how much to take for ourselves, knowing that;

a} each individual's requirement is unique and variable - even on a daily basis.

b} dispensaries and dispensers are, as yet, few and far between, the maths can be complex and in some instances this can add to the cost of your CBD of choice.

Here's a summary of Caleb Simpson's post on HempDaddy's website [see the full link at the foot of the page]. I selected this post because it offers a simple, rule of thumb method anyone can easily follow and, with awareness, tweak for themselves. So it's a great starter point that offers some answers to your dosage questions.

In future posts and videos I'll be showing you how self-muscle testing can work as another empowering method that can help you find your optimal CBD dosage.

Measuring Your Dropper and Bottle Content

"One of the most frequently asked questions I have had lately is, “how many milligrams is in a milliliter serving of CBD oil?” – I generally recommend individuals start with a 5mg serving, but how does that translate to a dropper that measures in milliliters?"

Let’s start with an example:

Let's say a bottle of CBD states that there are 20mg of CBD per serving.

The package states a full serving is one milliliter.

This means a full dropper contains 20mg of CBD.

So, if you only want a 5mg serving you would take 1/4 of a dropper.

If you wanted a 10mg serving of CBD, you would take a half dropper.

Other brands might have a different way of measuring their dose, but you can always tell by looking at the supplement facts. It will tell you what is considered a serving, and how much CBD is in each serving

Why the discrepancy on CBD content?

'Hemp Extract' contents on the supplement facts panel are usually higher than the CBD content because other cannabinoids are present in the Hemp Extract - eg. CBG, CBC etc.

Looking at the CBD content will clarify just how much actual CBD is present.

How to properly dose CBD?

At BeCalmer, we adhere to the same policy as HempDaddy's - it's this: Start Low and Grow Slow (Low is about 5mg per day)

I personally prefer to divide my dosage twice per day.

Stick with these for 3-7 days then maybe increase by 5-10mg (1/4 to 1/2 dropper) per week.

Always notice how you feel.

Also crucial is to know what exactly you are evaluating the effect against.

For example, are you evaluating against pain, anxiety levels, intensity or regularity of other symptoms?

If you reach a dosage that feels good for you, stop there. Never take more than you need.

How do I consume CBD oil (in tincture format)?

Take the drops sublingually - under the tongue.

Let it sit there for around a minute.

This favours maximum bioavailability - active when absorbed into the bloodstream.

Variety is the herb of life!

We have customers who like to drop some CBD into their coffee, on a teaspoon of honey, or into a smoothie. There are lots of ways it can be used, limited only by your imagination.

Check out the full article below, then come back here for more if you'd like.



The Dosage Calculator

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