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We are always sourcing the highest quality, most effective superb value products for you, our customers.

And because we believe 100% in serving you holistically, we adhere to the reality of Triple Bottom Line Economics (*PPP.)

This means that we are constantly striving to ensure *People, Planet and Prosperity are all served to the highest of ethical and quality standards.

So you can be sure that when you use our products you're enjoying top quality. You're also encouraging our community to continue  driving up standards. You help us to invest in the future of the environment for all of us and the generations to come.

People: We only work with people and companies proven to adhere to the highest trading and quality assured standards. We only sell products we have used ourselves.

Planet: We know the value of the industrial/agricultural hemp plant and our mission is to help educate upcoming generations as well as encouraging the positive spread and growth of this plant throughout the world.

Prosperity: As a new company, we will be regularly donating to organisations and individuals who are building eco and socially responsible businesses and communities.


"I am in severe pain every morning and take 20 drops of oil behind the tongue within 30 mins i am pain free able to walk long distances i now take a further dose before bed and sleep like a baby"

"Take it under the tongue. Has not completely gotten rid of my anxiety but helps I believe. It also has helped greatly with my acid reflux. I no longer take any medicine just use the oil."

from WebMD  *


What Makes You So Special?

Between 1988 - 1995 scientists discovered that two cannabinoid receptors - CB1 & CB2 -  exist in thousands of living beings - including humans.  The first receptor is primarily in the brain regions responsible for memory, motor co-ordination, emotion and cognition. The second receptor is part of the immune and central nervous systems.

These receptors communicate with each other and receptors found in Cannabis compounds known as endocannabinoids. This is your wonderful Endocannabinoid System [ECS]. It is crucial in maintaining the vital homeostasis in body states . Homeostasis is the regulation and balance between all interdependent elements in the body.

If you are over-stressed your stress response system will release hormones into your body to prepare you for attack [fight] or retreat [flight]. Too much of these stress hormones - cortisol and adrenaline - will eventually cause imbalance and dis-ease if retained in the body.

The great thing about introducting cannabinoids into our system via CBD oil is that, not only can it reduce these stress hormone levels but it also helps manage our perception of stress. This enables us to develop new, clearer perspectives, decisions and helpful life choices.

Why Be Calmer?

When you are calmer, you might experience feelings of balance, emotional relief and wellbeing, moments of reflection and insight, a healthier life perspective that better serves you.

Many of us have ways to help us relax. And many more of us are unable to relax deeply enough to enter that state of blissful calm and rational balance. When you are truly calm and relaxed - such as during meditation - your parasympathetic [calming] nervous system is able to regulate your brain chemistry by tranquilizing over-excited electrical brain activity.

So when you choose to be calmer, you are choosing less stress, to enjoy life more, and quite possibly for many years longer.

Help yourself to BeCalmer CBD; virtually Instant Calmer.


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