Manifesting Mission and Vision

Manifesting Mission and Vision

I'm looking happy in my BeCalmer be-logo'd t-shirt at our first market appearance in July.

Notice also the global map-themed shirt. Cool eh? Maybe not. I told Paula I'd show her the world that day. And I stayed true to my word.

Had a conversation with a close friend recently about how we always, without fail, manifest what we intend, what we want to experience.

The real challenge is in manifesting it in the form that we intend too.

Have you read the book, "Illusions" by Richard Bach, author of the wonderful 'Jonathan Livingstone Seagull'?

Well, in the book, the author is being encouraged to visualise a blue feather and then look for it's manifestation in his reality.

So he does.

And even though he searches and searches all day long he can't find the blue feather. He looks really, really hard - probably for a brid with a blue feather, I can't remember exactly. Left frustrated and disappointed at his apparent 'failure' to manifest his vision, he reaches for a carton of milk, whereon the side is plastered a veritable blue feather logo!

Just goes to show doesn't it. We can make it happen, though in my experience the real skill lies in manifesting your vision in the form you'd actually like it. Perhaps we are form-makers rather than creators?

At BeCalmer, Paula and I have a couple of visions we'd love to see manifest in reality. One of these is our mission - To 'Relax Everybody.' That's why we chose the name Be Calmer and that's what we wish for you, our lovely customers and subscribers.


Because when we're relaxed; truly, deeply, madly relaxed, we make better, meaningful and fulfilling decisions that bring more joy and better health and wellbeing to our own lives, and often the lives of those around us.

Another vision we'd love to see manifest is millions of hectares of land in the UK and worldwide used for growing the miraculous, world-saving Hemp plant.

So come to these pages often and help us to support that mission and vision by educating yourself on the value of Hemp and CBD oil both personally and for the planet.

If you're in the Worcestershire area on Sunday September 7th between 11:00am and 2:00pm we'll be at The Fold Market. Come and see us, we can discuss all things CBD and manifesting more true relaxation in life.


Note: I don't receive any affiliate income for plugging Richard Bach's book. It had a huge influence on my thinking.

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