The CBD Ship That Never Launched Yet Sails Nicely

We're Back!

Around 5 months since our 'Official' Launch-Week-that-never-happened and We're Back at the Fold Market on Sunday 6th September 10.00am-2.00pm!

Paola & Craig showing how to Be Calmer at the Fold Farmer's Market

Hi BeCalmers!

It will be our first outdoor market since lockdown almost 6 months ago and we've missed you so do please come and see us. Let's chat. Details here.


I'm sure you'll agree it's been a very peculiar time for all of us and, like you, we've had to make many adjustments.

Such as cancelling our official launch of BeCalmer CBD+ back in April and, as a result of gyms and venues closing we had to focus on moving everything online.

However, we kind of left the good ship BeCalmer drifting rather than at anchor and when you do that, things tend to happen...


Picture this...

we bought loads of stock, booked Bloom Space rooms in the Malvern Festival Gardens car park, then produced the ads and flyers, designed each room carefully, readied our helpers; mum and son even cut out the bloody BeCalmer coloured bunting that was lovingly-stitched by our favourite local seamstress Ceri.

We'd been so geared up for a CBD Parteeee! (They tend to be quite laid back and blissfully relaxed by the way.)

And then... 'L-o-c-k-d-o-w-n!'

Suddenly, business launches were the last thing on our and anyone else's minds.

So we focused on serving our little communities as best as we could. We moved over to online classes and as such, BeCalmer CBD rested in the background - in the dry dock of the mind, you could say.

Yet somehow, the orders kept coming, drip by drip. And it gets better, our customers told us they'd been using it to support their wellbeing through the 'crisis' and it was working really well for them.

Through it all we managed to maintain a minimal presence on our facebook page and did virtually no marketing. But people kept asking for CBD and quality information so we just continued to do our best for them.

Importantly, in times of heightened stress such as these CBD, Hemp and The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)  can effectively

  • Support your health and wellbeing
  • Simultaneously heal & support the Planet via bio-remediation
  • Help drive global economic equality; 
A Most Impressive 'Miracle' Resource

Pretty impressive for a plant eh?

Now, 6 months after lockdown and more places are opening up.

We've witnessed some very interesting recent developments in the Cannabinoid industry with more incredible compounds such as CBG and CBN finding their way into products so we'll be sure to update our readers about this exciting turn of events soon.

As for our launch? Well, Hellen's Garden Festival invited us to talk about the 'Multiple Miracle Resource' of Our Times - the incredible Hemp Plant. How could we refuse?

We had great fun and I reckon we'll do more of that kind of presentation. You could say it was a sort of gentle launch for us as it brought BeCalmer CBD to a wider audience.


The Serendipity of Synchronicity.

Whilst no bottle of champers has been smashed against a hull, no slipway has been rumbled down, and no mighty splash of steel against water to thrill bystanders on the dockside; chatting hemp to garden-goers was something exciting, different, a bit of a thrill for us and - well, whatever floats your boat eh?

We filmed our piece at the Bloom Space building which backs onto Priory Park Winter Gardens in Malvern. Interestingly, this all happened on our wedding anniversary and here we were broadcasting with the backdrop of the very venue where we'd married 18 years before!

Back then, we looked wide-eyed across the beautiful green of Malvern Winter Gardens at our life ahead  filled with rich promise and wondering how we might make some positive difference in the world.

Here we are 18 years later looking back over the same patch of green hopefully having made significant positive impacts in many people's lives and, I have to say, it's still a massive thrill to be honoured to do so in the way we love, through healing and transformational practice.

We launch with a whisper, float on gratitude, and sail on uncharted waters with thanks to you all for sharing the journey with us.


By the way, we've recorded the video of the talk for you.

You'll find all 4 parts of the video here


After watching it, you'll be very welcome to come and discuss the content with us at

the Fold Sunday Market September 6th! We'd

love to see you there.

We'll have plenty of CBD and Hemp for you on sail!



XX    PaOla & CRaiG

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