Valentine’s Special Yoni Love Oil

Is Valentine’s Day for Self-Pleasure or Partner Play?

Either way (or both) You Can Enjoy Hours of Sheer Ecstacy with 'Yoni Love Oil'

Yoni Love is a rich CBD-infused oil-based lubricant designed to increase sensation, blood flow, sensual healing and orgasmic potential.

This sexy self-care massage product can be used for pleasure with Yoni wands and eggs as a pleasure/ play lube. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.



The very best Valentine’s gift to deepen intimacy for you, your partner or both of you - together.

We’ve had lots of positive feedback about this product, and we ourselves concur; it’s definitely one of our personal favourites at BeCalmer CBD+. 

But be forewarned, you could find you'll be hot, ecstatic and wild first… It’s only afterwards that you’ll want to Be Calmer.

Helps support a deep sense of healing, fun, reclaimed personal intimacy and power.

As Yoni Love is an oil-based coconut oil lubricant it can also help soften and soothe soreness and dryness.

Available in a discreet blue glass spray bottle and packaged with an optional hessian bag.

If you or your partner desire some delicious Valentine’s warmth, Yoni Love Oil is the gift that may just keep on giving - multiple times. ;-)

Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil, 50mg CBD

This product contains less than 0.2% THC.



PLEASE NOTE: As the lubricant is oil based it can't be guaranteed to work with condoms.

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