Talk ‘n’ Taste Event

Free Talk ‘n’ Taste Event:  Demystifying CBD – What’s All the Fuss About CBD Oil?


Hosted by Paula and Craig Trafford from BeCalmer CBD.

July 10th, 6.30 – 7.30pm, Lyttleton Well, 8, Church St, Malvern WR14 2AY


Is CBD oil really a miracle plant extract as people claim?

Come and find out at this demystifying talk about this Legal, essential oil food supplement.

From claimed ‘cure-all,’ to delicious food, to mega-versatile use across essential industries, to saving the whole planet, CBD Oil extracted from the Cannabis Plant has its share of evangelical advocates and vociferous detractors.

As it turns out, the detractors need not worry as this is the non-psychoactive strain so you don’t get a ‘high.’

It’s also Legal in the UK, EU, Canada, some U.S. states and many other countries worldwide.

We’d like to help bust a few myths and shine a light on some remarkable effects of this incredible food supplement/essential oil. If nothing else, CBD helps you to be calmer, and that in itself helps you access resources in your body-mind-brain-emotion otherwise blocked by stress.

At this ‘Talk ‘n’ Taste Event we will be progressing the conversation about the incredible worldwide evidence and people’s first-hand experience with CBD oil, Cannabidiol, a main component of the Industrial Hemp plant.

We will strive to answer some of your questions based on our 2 years of personal research and testing, including better sleep, self-regulated calm and ADHD, exam stress and improved focus, joyful, reduced joint inflammation, faster and more effective muscle relaxation, some intimacy boosts (for adult ears only) at the event.

You’ll be able to see, hear and taste for yourself with some samples available.

Of course, one size never fits all: CBD is as unique and versatile as each human being. Similar in function to herbs such as Ashwaganda, CBD oil is an adaptogen, it balances and adapts to your specific requirements. It works with your in-built Endocannabinoid system that supports your central nervous, brain, digestive, endocrine and immune systems.

So, to help you out a little you’ll be able to observe Kinesiology testing as we illustrate one of the muscle testing methods we use to determine strength, dosage and appropriate applications for ourselves.

Plenty of time for Q and A too.

Places (over 18yrs only) are very limited and interest is increasing each day so be sure to;

register early through our Eventbrite page here.

Print off or save your ticket to your phone to show at the door.

If you can’t access eventbrite, please email us.

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