Medical Marijuana Used by Top Basketball Professional?

Steve Kerr and David Stern agree: medical marijuana has a place in the NBA

Former NBA Commissioner David Stern thinks marijuana 'probably should be removed from ban list'; Kerr agrees

Click on the video to the right of this text to get the full interview and a deeper understanding of this professional sportsman's experience of using medical marijuana to support his recovery from injury.

It's a powerful account and worth 15 minutes of your time.

So go and get yourself a quick cup of CBD-infused tea or coffeee, sit back, relax and listen.


NBA: Al Harrington And David Stern Talk Medical Marijuana | THE CONCEPT OF CANNABIS

How Are Hemp and Marijuana Different?

Are Hemp and Marijuana the Same?


Nope! See this Video for Clarity.

Thank you to the Ministry of Hemp for clarifying this commonly asked question and dispelling this commonly touted myth spread by some commonly fake outlets that shield some uncommonly vested interests.

UK Point of note: In the UK there is only 0.2% THC allowed in Hemp. This is less than the 0.3% allowed in the USA and other countries. Neither will get you high.

CBD and Hemp are both legal in the UK, whilst THC [above 0.2%] is still considered and treated as an illegal substance by the law.


Marijuana Vs Hemp

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